Semalt Expert Defines Options For HTML Scraping

There is more information on the Internet than any human being can absorb in a lifetime. Websites are written using HTML, and each web page is structured with particular codes. Various dynamic websites don't provide data in CSV and JSON formats and make it tough for us to extract the information properly. If you want to extract data from HTML documents, the following techniques are most suitable.


LXML is an extensive library written for parsing the HTML and XML documents quickly. It can handle a large number of tags, HTML documents and gets you desired results in a matter of minutes. We just have to send Requests to its already built-in urllib2 module that is best known for its readability and accurate results.

Beautiful Soup:

Beautiful Soup is a Python library designed for quick turnaround projects like data scraping and content mining. It automatically converts the incoming documents to Unicode and the outgoing documents to UTF. You don't need any programming skills, but the basic knowledge of HTML codes will save your time and energy. Beautiful Soup parses any document and does a tree traversal stuff for its users. Valuable data that gets locked in a poorly-designed site can be scraped with this option. Also, Beautiful Soup performs a large number of scraping tasks in only a few minutes and gets you data from HTML documents. It is licensed by MIT and works on both Python 2 and Python 3.


Scrapy is a famous open source framework for scraping data you need from different web pages. It is best known for its built-in mechanism and comprehensive features. With Scrapy, you can easily extract data from a large number of sites and don't need any special coding skills. It imports your data to Google Drive, JSON, and CSV formats conveniently and saves a lot of time. Scrapy is a good alternative to and Kimono Labs.

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser:

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser is an excellent utility for programmers and developers. It combines features of both JavaScript and Beautiful Soup and can handle a large number of web scraping projects simultaneously. You can scrape data from the HTML documents with this technique.


Web harvest is an open source web scraping service written in Java. It collects, organizes and scrapes data from the desired web pages. Web harvest leverages established techniques and technologies for XML manipulation such as regular expressions, XSLT and XQuery. It focuses on HTML and XML-based websites and scrapes data from them without compromising on quality. Web harvest can process a large number of web pages in an hour and is supplemented by custom Java libraries. This service is widely famous for its well-versed features and great extraction capabilities.

Jericho HTML Parser:

Jericho HTML Parser is the Java library that lets us analyze and manipulate parts of an HTML file. It is a comprehensive option and was first launched in 2014 by the Eclipse Public. You can use Jericho HTML parser for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


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